D-CARBONIZE is composed by six academic beneficiaries (ICIQ, ULIEGE, RUG, CNRS, UHEI and AIMPLAS) that bring their experience and knowledge to tackle the main challenges of the research programme.

The DCs will be hosted by a network of highly renowned European experts and leading companies in CO2 catalysis and polymer development, allowing them to perform cutting-edge research in the most innovative environments and with a multidisciplinary spin involving different topics such as homo- and heterogeneous catalysis, sustainable monomer/macromolecular design, polymer chemistry, thermoplastics, process scalability, depolymerization strategies, process optimization and high-throughput approaches.

The industrial associated partners BASF, TOTAL, Corning, POLYKEY Polymers and CELABOR will host secondments of the DCs offering them the opportunity to work in an industrial environment and to study possible applications and formulations of the products developed in the academic sites as well as new recycling routes. CVE, a European association devoted to the CO2 capture and conversion community will help to provide a powerful dissemination and exploitation strategy for the Network.


Doctoral Candidates

Associated Partners