D-Carbonize as
strategy towards
improved carbon


D-CARBONIZE will create new biocarbon-based value chains in sustainable circular polymers and materials through innovative (de)polymerization catalytic strategies.

D-CARBONIZE will offer to recruited DCs the possibility to participate in a transversal, innovative training programme based on the principles of Innovative Doctoral Training, which will enable them to become creative, critical, interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral researchers.

Network / DCS

Twelve Doctoral Candidates will be integrated in a multidisciplinary & interdisciplinary team formed by 6 academic groups, 5 companies and 1 industry association all focused on a common goal. The 12 DCs will be awarded double doctoral degrees by 2 universities in 2 different countries at the end of the training program.

Research & Training

D-Carbonize brings together leading high-education institutions, research centers and companies to form an innovation community able to offer excellent research and training both in R&D and entrepreneurship.


D-carbonize will host several network-wide training events to provide our DCs with the necessary skills to succeed in their scientific career as well as with tailored soft skills: 3 Workshops (open to external DCs) and 1 D-Carbonize School will be organized throughout the project lifetime. 


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Two positions reopening. Apply now for DC5 and DC7

Two positions reopening. Apply now for DC5 and DC7

We reopen two Doctoral positions to join the D-CARBONIZE network. The application for DC7 position will be available from June 21 to July 12 and for DC5 from June 21 to July 19. Don't miss the opportunity and join us! Find below the most relevant information of these...

Extended the deadline to apply to positions until April 16

Extended the deadline to apply to positions until April 16

You still have time to apply for one of our 12 positions and become part of the D-Carbonize network. The deadline to apply for positions has been extended to April 16. Remember that we are looking for 12 Doctoral Candidates who want to become future leaders in the...




Industrial Partners

Other Partners (Associations & Doctoral University Schools)

This project has received funding from the European Union (Marie Sklodowska-Curie Grant Agreement No 101073223)