Last position available! Apply for DC5 and work on heterogeneous catalysis for cyclic carbonate synthesis

We have one last position open until the vacancy is filled. This is DC5 where you can work on heterogeneous catalysis for cyclic carbonate synthesis via tandem epoxidation/ carbonation.

Project Description: The project will involve the design and development of heterogeneous catalysts that are able to promote the two steps of a tandem reaction affording functional cyclic carbonates directly from alkene precursors. Gallium oxides and titanosilicates will be used to promote the epoxidation step, whereas different designs of heterogeneous catalysts will be investigated for the conversion of the formed epoxides into cyclic carbonates in the presence of CO2. The possibility of tuning the chemo-selectivity by changing the ratio and type of Lewis acid and (halide) additive of this second step to favour polycarbonates will also be investigated. Particular attention will be devoted to the compatibility of the oxidant used in the epoxidation step with the catalysts used in the formation of the carbonate product. The stability of the catalysts against impurities present in CO2 from industrial sources will be investigated and optimised. At ICIQ the tandem reaction will be attempted using homogeneous catalysts based on Al/Fe complexes combined with halide additives such as TBAB.

Host Institutions:

  • Main Host Institution – University of Groningen (RUG) – The Netherlands (21 months)
  • Secondary Host Institution – ICIQ – Spain (15 months)

Secondment: the project involves a three-months research stay at CELABOR facilities (Belgium) under the supervision of Dr. Jean-Michel Thomassin (to study potential applications of the generated polycarbonates)

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